Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Santa Fe folk art museum

In August we drove my eldest daughter to Arizona for her first year of college! Trying to make this a fun trip and not just a stressful one we took two days off in Santa Fe, New Mexico one of my new favorite places. Two of my children accompanied me to the folk art museum we spent over three hours there and they would have stayed longer, but I was hungry. We took lots of pictures I loved everything there.

After the long tearful drive home... 
I began playing in my studio again

One of the first pieces was this

I made a few but they quickly morphed into this








Teddy bear

There are many more but I hate to be boring. I did not realize they were related to the folk art museum until I looked back at all my photos. I am having a lot of fun figuring them out. They are simple and yet not, it takes planning in order for me to build them and each one has a flaw and a lesson. 

More coming...


It gets away from me...

I finished the mural I was doing back in July. Brittany's place a safe and sound center for girls.

After I finished the mural I drove with my children to Arizona to drop off my oldest daughter at college!
I'm still not use to not seeing her everyday thankfully we have technology to keep us connected.
I will write another blog post about our adventures in New Mexico.