Sunday, September 25, 2011

The many things I do not understand...

I will limit this post to glass fusing, Not to the mysteries of the universe, time travel, love, child raising, gardening, politics, global warming, healthcare reform......

I am primarily a mosaic artist working in vitreous glass tile, ceramic tile, plates and various other found objects. But I like to experiment with everything. For the last several years I have been teaching myself glass fusing. I work with bullseye glass Coe of 90. I like the company, love their website all their fact sheets, videos and artist gallery and the glass itself is wonderful to work with great colors and so many possibilities.

What I have found repeatedly BUT not every time is if I attempt to fire a piece for the second time it often explodes, case in point.

I added a little more black glass paint (glassline) to some areas then added a clear piece of bullseye glass and fired it according to my previous firing schedule. ( which I won't go into unless you want to know) When I opened the kiln this is what I saw. Busted superhero!


The extra piece of glass made my drawing line much clearer, just like I wanted. But the expansion of the glass and the breaking of the glass... Not so much... I need to spend some time with the books and see if there is an answer... I suspect I need to slow the firing w a y down. My total firing time has been approximately 15 hours, ramping up at 250 per hour up to 1450.

The lesson is slow down and keep reading ...

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  1. Lori--I LOVE her! Especially with the unexpected expansion. It looks to me as if she is pushing herself out of the glass. The curves at the top of the piece almost perfect line up with where she would be "pushing." Maybe you can use the clear space to illustrate what is inside a super hero? At any rate, I think she's fantastic. Rachel