Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thinking and drawing

I am doing a lot of sketching right now of a piece I am going to do with children for the Saint Paul library which got me looking at some older work. This one is about my daughters, I was never very satisfied with the way it came out but I like it better from afar, I find I like my work better in photos then in real life I am not sure why this is and I am not sure that it's a good thing either. I am a pretty harsh critic of my own work but I find distance often helps my feelings towards a piece.


  1. This piece is amazing! With me it's the opposite. My photos just don't show my work in a good light..... Something is missing.

    1. Thank you! the detail is missing, in mine as well.. I love your work, the photos may be missing something for you but they still work for me!