Saturday, August 11, 2012

A brief and unplanned rest

I had just begun the next commission
when it was deemed necessary to wait due to some conflicts...
Which means catching up on much needed paper work (blah!) and a little play time (yay!) I am a little rusty with playing... I tried to make myself not think or judge and just pile it on... Certainly could have pushed it further maybe today...


  1. I *love* the lettering -- nice work with the serifs. That's some fancy nipping going on there.
    And lovely portrait... is that painted glass?
    Hurray for a play day!

  2. hi Lori, I got to you from Laura Farrow's blog. She's my conduit to other blogs. :) Love the figure in the fused glass. I love how fused glass looks like underwater sometimes. Nice work, nice blog.