Thursday, March 7, 2013

I am still learning

I am a learn by doing type of person, I would rather jump into the fire than understand the rules.


  1. I learn the same way; I don't like to read how to do something but just try or have someone tell me and then try Are the edges of the glass sharp? they look like they might be in the photos.

  2. Lori!!!! the eye in the hand! Love it.. do you think the jagged edges are due to the fiber material you're using? is it easy enough to grind/sand off? these are awesome, keep experimenting! xo

  3. Linda and Laura,

    I think the edges are sharp because of both the fiber paper and the grade of frit I have been using I used coarse and medium grade for most of these pieces because I like the texture.I am going to experiment today with fine and powder I think the edge will be much softer. I love the way the eye came out too! It worked just the way I wanted it too.
    its fun to play!

  4. Such an interesting process!I have to agree. I get impatient if I have to read how it is done.

  5. I too like to jump right in...I am TRYING to try a new discipline w/ myself as of...yesterday! I am gonna tryyyyyy to sketch something 1x day in my sketchbook (I have to have a neato specific book for this to work) for 5 minutes...ONLY 5 minutes...I can do that, I think...I mean, it takes me that long to get Claire ready for a walk, so I CAN do it! S.Frank for the suggestion and challenge!

  6. I'd love to try a "real" kiln sometime...I have one of the little Microwave Kilns, and I love playing with it...I'm even thinking about "graduating" to a "medium" size!
    Someday I will take your Fused Glass class....
    Love the figure and the heart especially!