Monday, August 19, 2013

Life size and beyond

I have been working on a series of things... Mostly experiments I am practicing for some large sculptures for outside my building. I don't have any signage and I am not keen on it either. I just want to have a series of playful objects that invite people in or at least encourage people to stop and look.

This is my first hand sized hand made from glass frit and a cut out heart from another failed piece of fused glass... I love reuse!

Fragments of slate

The plan right now is to have 8 -10 pieces stacked

I put a steel rod through each one and I have a 12 foot pole they will be strung on...

This one is my favorite, I love the texture, the material was given to me (thanks Diane!) we think its porcelain but I don't know for sure.

It's funny about scale, when I started planning this I thought a 12 pole sounded big but next to the building it hardly makes a dent so this will probably be the smallest.

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  1. Amazing, the honour to follow your journey and watch you constantly evolve Lori.