Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Working small. Every winter my work goes small. Dolls usually. Sometime beadwork. Often I will make jewelry. I'm enjoying the details. It feels a little like crawling inside - hibernating only not. I have to be careful not to judge these periods to harshly. To enjoy them and let them influence what will happen next in my "real" work. 

I have been playing with torch fired enamel for the past few weeks, it's very addictive, reasonable fast unless you are enameling on nail heads like me. It does not seem to work well on larger pieces like my woman. I have tried repeatedly to get the enamel to stick to her but every time if just peeled off. I'm using a small butane torch, I don't think it gets hot enough for the size of the piece. I'm using thompsons powdered enamel on mostly copper, although I experiment with whatever metal shows up.

Enamel on copper fun, fun!

Learning lessons, sometimes it works and sometimes it fails.

Enamel on nails.



  1. I like those nail balls, for some reason they remind me of playing jacks when I was a kid, haven't thought about that in years, perhaps it's the angle of your photo.

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