Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Busy, busy, busy time.

My youngest child graduated from elementary school, my oldest from high school and my middle child finish her first year of high school.  I am feeling old and overwhelmed by all the changes.

I am buried under a mosaic mural 8 feet tall by 28 feet long, roughly 1000 pounds of tiles good thing I am not literally buried. Parts of it were created by community members. 6 x 6 quilt blocks.
These quilt blocks will frame the mosaic and the windows of the building.

It is probably the most intense projects I have ever done.

This mural will go outside of the safe and sound shelter for girls. 

I hope they will feel loved and protected.


  1. That's stunning. The round shape looks like a shield.

  2. What lovely images! I feel safe and protected just looking at them! One foot in front of the have GREAT accomplishments!