Thursday, December 1, 2011

under the sea

I created this piece with eight children from the hematology/oncology unit at Children's Hospital this summer.  I drew the fish on mesh and the children cut and glued glass tiles down in their own style! The piece was funded by my good friend, Marsha and her non-profit, Breanna's Gift. We wanted to create a piece that looked as though it was an abandoned port hole- all rough and scuffed up- but when you looked through it, you saw the magic of the sea life. We finished and installed the piece last week after a lot of  hassle with plexiglass, which is a nightmare to cut in a circle!
click on the photo for better view of all the textures.


  1. Oh the porthole is wonderful and so glad you showed the scale of how large it is. I like the idea of the port hole as a view into another world, a view into possibilities and hope, a view into a magic place.

    what is the hanging mechanism and the weight of the piece; I am always curious as to how heavy pieces of art are hung.

  2. What a super and noble effort. The piece is surprisingly larger than the first picture would indicate. You all must be very proud!

  3. way to rock it out, Lori! it's fabulous and what a worthy project to work on. xo